Diploma in Optometry

Optometry is a primary health care profession specifically licensed all over the world to take care of Human Eyes. It is an independent vision care science which covers the examination, evaluation, diagnosis, management etc. of Human Eyes.
An optometrist plays a very important role in eye care work and without their assistance functioning of an Eye Hospital, Clinic or similar organization is next to impossible.
An Optometrist is required to -
• Examine the eye and visual systems.
• Diagnose the visual problems.
• Prescribe and provide corrective treatment under the optometry science in the form of spectacles contact lenses, low vision Aids and orthoptics vision therapy.
After obtaining the bonafide training and diploma in optometry, he can -
• Practice independently in the field of optometry science as a self employed person.
• Asist ophthalmologist in hospitals, clinics and optometry education field.
• Practice at optical establishments in Government as well as in private sectors and abroad too.
• Offer clinical services to multinationals dealing with the manufacturing and distribution of ophthalmic lenses, contact lenses and ophthalmic diagnostic Instruments.
Every optical workshop is required to take the services of an optometrist for its efficient functioning.
For those interested in higher studies such as graduation, post graduation in the form of fellowship as well as BOPT ,MOPT. & Ph. D. programme are now available in the country and overseas too.


First Year : - General Human & ocular Anatomy and Physiology.

- Physical & Physiological optics.
- Practical & Viva- Voice optics and practical optical examination, Anatomy and Physiology of eye.

Second Year : - Disease of the eyes drugs, diagnostic instruments.
- Mechanical optics & ophthalmic lenses.
- Practical and viva-voice refraction, Mechanical optics & eye diseases.

Number of seats : - 50 (Fifty) only

Admission Eligibility
1. Candidate should have passed 10+2 or equivalent examination with subject Physics, Chemistry, Biology/ Mathematics
2. Candidate must have completed the age of 17 years at the time of admission (1st of August).
3. Male and Female both students are eligible for the course .
4. Hostel facilities are available both for ladies & gents candidates.

Fee for Diploma in Optometry
According to the guidance of U.P.STATE MEDICAL FACULTY. Lucknow. First year- Rs.54,000 Annual only & Admission Fees Rs. 5000/-
Caution Money (Refundable) Rs. 5000/-
Second year- Fees Rs. 54000/-& Registration Rs 1750/-.
There is a provision of making payment in two parts 50% (Rs. 27000/-) at the beginning of the terms and the remaining 50% -(Rs. 27000/-) by 31' Oct. Similarly in 2' year Rs. 27000/- 1st September and Rs. 27000/- by 31st Dec. However those who make full payment at the time of admission will get rebate of Rs. 3000/- each year.